Town Council

District 1 - Mike Ballard

Mike Ballard, Enfield Democrat candidate, District 1

Mike Ballard is the Democratic candidate for Town Council in District 1. In addition to being a graduate of Enrico Fermi High School, Mike holds a BA and an MBA from UConn, where he led efforts to improve mental health services for graduate students at UConn’s downtown Hartford campus.  He has worked as an intern for Senator Chris Murphy and currently works as a consultant for global business services consultancy Infosys. 

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO

* Endorsed by: CSEA SEIU (Local 2001)

District 2 - Bob Cressotti

Robert "Bob" Cressotti, Enfield Democrat candidate, running for re-election, District 2

Bob Cressotti is currently Enfield’s District 2 Councilor and was the campaign manager in Tom Arnone’s State Legislative win in the 58th district. Bob has spent the past 40 years in Enfield as a teacher, coach, homeowner, parent, and founder of the Cressotti Baseball School. He has served on many civic and nonprofit groups in town as well as Special Olympics CT. Although retired from teaching, Bob continues to teach and tutor students from Enfield at the Alternative High School. Bob’s commitment to the residents of District 2 and Enfield is his priority.

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO

* Endorsed by: CSEA SEIU (Local 2001)

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At Large - Cynthia Mangini


Cynthia Mangini, an Enfield resident for over 40 years and grandmother of 3, graduated from Enfield High, earned a BA in Political Science from UConn & Masters degree in law from WNEU. She is president-elect of the Enfield Rotary, teaches 2nd grade CCD at St. Bernard & is a Board of Directors member at the Enfield Food Shelf. Cynthia has also served on the Connecticut Conference of Municipality & National League of Cities Boards. A former nineteen-year Enfield councilmember, Cynthia values education, supports improvements to our infrastructure, public safety, social services and quality care for seniors & veterans. 

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO

* Endorsed by: CSEA SEIU (Local 2001)
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At Large - Bill Kiner

William "Bill" Kiner, Enfield Democrat candidate, running for re-election, Town Council (At Large)

Bill Kiner has lived and worked in Enfield for 50 years. Bill served our town as a JFK and a Fermi High teacher for 35 years. Bill was your state  Representative for 16 years where he was instrumental in obtaining the soccer fields on Shaker Road and the domestic violence shelter. Currently Bill is a fighter for us on the Town Council. He and his wife Bobbie have three children-Melanie, Katie, and David-all graduates of the Enfield School system. Bill and Bobbie are blessed with 6 grandchildren. 

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO
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At Large - Gina Cekala

Gina Cekala, Enfield Democrat candidate, running for re-election, Town Council (At Large)

Gina Cekala is currently serving her third term on the Town Council.  Gina has lived in Enfield for over 30 years and is raising her family here.  She is a practicing attorney, mother of 2 children, ages 13 and 11, and a Military wife. Gina also volunteers her time as member of the PTO, an Enfield Little League board member, a member of the Enfield Girls Softball Association board and coach.  Gina remains committed to making Enfield a family friendly town people want to live in. Gina will continue to represent the people of Enfield in a fair and responsible manner. 

* Endorsed by: CSEA SEIU (Local 2001)
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At Large - Jacob Nadeau

Jacob Nadeau, Enfield Democrat candidate, Town Council (At Large)

Jacob Nadeau has always believed in the value of volunteer public service. At his college graduation, Quinnipiac recognized his extracurricular work with the "H. Pearce Family Community Leadership Award," which was given to the senior who did the most community service. Following graduation, Jacob worked in communications for the Connecticut Democrats while taking online classes towards his Master's Degree in Interactive Media, which he received in 2017. Jacob currently works in marketing for the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) and lives with his girlfriend Ally in the Thompsonville section of Enfield.

* Endorsed by: CSEA SEIU (Local 2001)

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Board Of Education

BOE - Steve Niemitz

Steve Niemitz, Enfield Democrat candidate, Board of Education

Steve Niemitz is a former Board of Education member who is seeking to return to the Board. He has had a lifelong commitment to the communities in which he has lived. Steve previously served on the Redevelopment and Historic Commissions and is currently serving on the Prison Liaison Committee. He is also a former volunteer firefighter and commissioner. Steve served with the 103rd TAC Fighter Group, CTANG, and he is retired from the State Military Department. Steve believes all students are entitled to a quality education so they will be fully prepared for their chosen path upon graduation.

(860) 830-5576

BOE - Tim Neville

Tim Neville, Enfield Democrat candidate, running for re-election, Board of Education

Tim Neville, a 46 year resident, husband and parent of Enfield, is running for Enfield’s BOE. Tim’s commitment to Enfield’s children is long standing.  A 38 year Enfield Educator, Tim served as a Teacher, Dept. Chair, Vice Principal, and finally as Principal of JFK Middle School. As a retiree, Tim continued this commitment by running for BOE, currently completing his 8th year. Tim’s priority is to identify problems, develop plans and solve problems. He’s committed to…insuring a quality and challenging education is available to ALL students. Addressing Enfield’s tremendous backlog of facility needs. Developing a Strategic Plan and 5 - 10 yr Enfield Education Vision. 

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO

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BOE - Joyce Hall

Joyce Hall, Enfield Democrat candidate, Board of Education

Joyce Hall, long term Enfield resident, caring mother, devoted grandmother (and proud great-grandmother!) has been a Girl Scout leader, a Den mother, a teacher, a computer programmer, a system analyst, and a union president who has always had an education focus - which led to her becoming a member of the Enfield Board of Education, serving for 10 years. Missing the direct involvement in education, Joyce has chosen to become a candidate for the Board of Education again.

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO

* Endorsed by: CSEA SEIU (Local 2001)

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BOE - Scott Ryder

Scott Ryder, Enfield Democrat candidate, running for re-election, Board of Education,

Scott Ryder proudly serves his Enfield, CT neighbors on the Board of Education…and through volunteering on several committees, non-profits and various organizations in town. In our schools, Scott is a parent-volunteer, mentor and PTO coordinator. A father of two young students, he is an active stakeholder in our children’s education - and an advocate for our school-communities, our administration & staff, and for our students & families. His initiative; “to enhance communications between schools and families,” lead him to create, where schools promote their activities and share information with families.

* Endorsed by: Eastern CT AFL-CIO

(518) 210-4639

BOE - Tina LeBlanc

Tina LeBlanc, Enfield Democrat candidate, running for re-election, Board of Education

Tina LeBlanc is a lifelong Enfield resident - where she and her husband Steve are raising their three kids. Tina’s experience on the Board of Education has played integral parts on Board committees.  Tina recognizes that having a strong and competitive public-school system not only helps students and families, but our town as a whole.  Tina has a proven track record in standing up for what she believes in - and fighting for the students, families and staff of Enfield Public Schools.  She understands what the schools and families need since she is a parent herself.

(860) 394-6259

Board of Education

Steve Niemitz, Tina LeBlanc, Scott Ryder, Joyce Hall, Tim Neville, Enfield Board of Education

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